Holiday weekend​ events​

We are so excited for this holiday weekend!   Take a look at some of the fantastic events in our area. Friday, January 12, 2018 Florida Panthers v. Calgary Flames, 7:30pm: Calling all hockey fans; head out to the arena and cheer on the team of your choice during this exciting game.  Information regarding tickets can … Continued

First weekend update of the new year

Welcome to 2018 and our first weekend update of the new year.  We hope you had a wonderful holiday season and, for our friends with kids in Broward County Schools, are enjoying your winter break.  Take a look at some of the exciting events in South Florida this weekend! Friday, January 5, 2018 Drive-in Movie … Continued

What You Should Know About Home Owners Associations?

What should you know about Home Owners Associations? The truth, everything! In South Florida, Home Owners Associations govern many communities. Each one has responsibility for different things. When buying a home in a community governed by one, there are issues you should understand.  The first person you should speak with is your real estate agent. … Continued

Welcome to our last weekend update for 2017! 

Welcome to our last weekend update for 2017!  As always, the list below contains some of the events we believe look especially fun for the upcoming weekend; but there are many others to choose from.  We hope our information provides a great starting point for you to plan this holiday weekend. Friday, December 29, 2017 … Continued

Welcome to our guide to this weekend’s activities

Welcome to our guide to this weekend’s activities.  With so many people preparing for the holidays, we hope you have some time to relax and we have provided some suggestions.  Please remember, our list is by no means comprehensive; it’s simply a list of just a few of the fabulous offerings of South Florida.  Think … Continued

Things To Do With Kids in Fort Lauderdale

What can you do with your kids in Fort Lauderdale?  Now is the perfect time to decide.  We are counting down the days until winter break! The last day of school (for those of with kids in Broward Schools) is December 22nd.  Then, we have two weeks free! Imagine this: no waking up early, no … Continued

The Best Holiday Lights and Other Family Activities

Driving in the car to see the BEST holiday lights is a family tradition many of us share.  I remember being a child and literally begging my parents to drive through “one more” neighborhood so we could admire the beautiful decorations.  This seems to be a time honored tradition; ever since my daughter was little … Continued

Black Friday & Cyber Monday- Let’s Shop!

It’s almost Thanksgiving.  As such, you have planned your meal, made your grocery store list and are ready for your Thanksgiving Holiday. (Need some help? Check out our Thanksgiving blog) Some of you are actually looking past Thanksgiving and it hasn’t even happened yet.  I understand, though, because we are looking forward to an important day … Continued

Celebrating Thanksgiving in South Florida

It’s time to celebrate Thanksgiving in South Florida! So many things come to mind as I look forward to the holiday.  First, of course, is the food!  Which traditional favorites and exciting new dishes will be on your table?  Second is exercise. Something has to counteract that food!  Therefore, South Florida turkey trots are the … Continued

What Does a Credit Score Mean for a Mortgage?

What Does a Credit Score Mean for a Mortgage? What does a credit score mean for a mortgage? Credit scores are a critical component of the home buying process.  You may ask, what is a credit score?   Simply, it is a number assigned to a person that is an indicator of that person’s ability to … Continued